Artist · Queen · MC · Performer




Diva Practice (Solo)- Living Things Festival - Kelowna Canada

Dream|Logic - Hand2Mouth Theatre - Alberta Abbey, Portland OR

Object Karaoke - Hand2Mouth Theatre - Artist Repertory Theatre, Portland OR

Diva Dancing (Workshop) - Portland Public Schools Youth GSA Summit - Portland OR

Pepper’s Persona (Lecture) - Lewis and Clark College - Portland OR


SPACE Gallery- Artist In Residence - Portland Maine

MacDowell Colony- Artist In Residence - Peterborough NH

Creative Exchange Lab - Fall Cohort Artist In Residence - Portland OR

Birthday Cake - Performance  Co-Lab Coho Theatre - Portland OR

Drag Queen Tag Team - Monthly Drag Improv Spectacular - Portland OR

A Fond Farewell - Movement Director - Alberta Rose Theatre - With H2M Theatre and 3rd Angle Music


Diva Practice (Solo) - The Headwaters Theatre Portland OR

Kaleidoscopic - Nightlights PDX April Regional Arts Culture Council Building

Critical Mascara "5th and Final Drag Extravaganza" - Pica's T:BA Festival Portland OR

DIVA Practice Residencies- Pelican Bomb New Orleans LA , Space Gallery Portland ME, Workroom @ The Lucky Penny Atlanta GA

Battles #2 Weaponize SSII Chicago - Diva Excerpt The Learning Machine Chicago IL

Workroom Artist Residency - The Lucky Penny Atlanta

Caldera Artist in Residence - Caldera Arts Sisters OR 

Pepper the Potter - Randall Sessions Headlining Talent NCECA Conference Portand, OR

Awards: RACC Regional Arts and Culture Council - Project Grant "Diva Practice (Solo)

Awards: Oregon Arts Commission - Career Development Grant "Diva Practice (Residencies)



Alterations: Wendy Red Star and Pepper Pepper - Linfield College Oct 5 - Nov 19th    

Critical Mascara "A Post-Realness Drag Ball" Year 4 PICA's T:BA Festival

DIVA PRACTICE (Duet) - New Expressive Works @ Studio 2 

Awards: RACC Regional Arts Culture Council - Project Grant


Critical Mascara "A Post-Realness Drag Ball" YEAR 3 PICA's T:BA Festival

Fierce In Eastern Europe - OFF Biennale Budapest   

Burning Times Never Ended - Hollywood Theatre 

24hour Residency - The Headwaters Theatre with keyon gaskin


Con|Verge Residency - Stolzenhagen Germany 

Critical Mascara "A Post-Realness Drag ball" YEAR 2- PICA's T:BA Festival 

Re:Locate - Portland Biennial  - Guest Solo for Kelly Rauer's "Locate" 

Signal Fire Artist Residency - Year of the Wolf Arizona 

Faggots: A Guerilla Residency - Place PDX - Exhibition and Performance 


Critical Mascara "A Post-Realness Drag Ball"  - PICA's T:BA Festival 

FICTION (Work-In-Progress) - N.E.W Residency public showcase - Choreography 

N.E.W Residency - Studio 2 at Zoomtopia 

In Fierceness and In Stealth - Place PDX - House of Desire Group Show - Choreography


W*RQ - (DECEPTiCONS) RISK/REWARD festival - Choreography, Sound Design, Costumes 25 min

W*RQ- (DECEPTiCONS) Conduit Dance+ festival - Choreography, Sound Design, Costumes 20 min

DISPATCH - (DECEPTiCONS) Richard Foreman mini-festival - Choreography, Sound Design. Costumes - 9 min 


Grant Recipient - Regional Arts Culture Council Project Grant for Genderfantasy

Genderfantasy - The Headwaters Theatre - Choreography, Director, Sound Design, Make Up Design, Costume Design - 75 min

Are We Drag Queens?  - Performance Works Northwest - Collaboration with Anthony Hudson for Richard Foreman Mini-Festival - Choreography - Costumes - Script - Live Video - 10 min


Black Swan Lake - Miss Thing Competition - Choreography, Video, Costume, Make Up Design - 9 min

:Shorn "Cuts, Guts and Glamour" - Half/Dozen Gallery - Choreography, Installation, Costume,  Dance - 60 min

Ordo Virtutum - St John the Baptist, First Presbyterian - Choreography and Dance - 60 min

Gagadonna - Winner of Homo's Got Talent Dance Competition - Choreography and Dance - 7min


Forget - T:BA The Works Ten Tiny Dances - Choreography, Sound Design, Make Up  Design, Costumes, Installation - 10 min

Papercuts - Hotfest at The Living Theatre (NYC) - Choreography, Sound Design, Make Up, Costumes - 25 min

Skulls and Bones - Joe's Pub (NYC), T:BA the Works - Choreography, Make Up, Sound Design - 5 min


Mouth-Full - Mark Woolley Gallery, Performance Works Northwest - Choreography, Costumes, Make Up - 20 min

Total Apocalypse of The Heart - Charlie Horse (SF), Tingle Tangle (SF) - Choreography, Dancer


The Genderfluids - SF, Texas, NYC tour - Winner of Total Drag Competition PDX - Collaborator in music, dance and performance

Sissyboy - Pica's T:BA festival 04/06, Weiden + Kennedy, Holocene - Ensemble cast/Unicorn