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Drag Queen Tag Team July 10th


Pepper Presents: Drag Queen Tag Team! A Non-Stop Drag Improv and Lipsynch Performance. 

June 19th Tuesday 6pm-9pm


The Alberta Street Pub 1036 NE Alberta

Hosted by Pepper Pepper
With Special Guests Loretta Good Lordchild and Kel Dae

Drag Queen Tag Team's idea is simple. 

We press play on a very special playlist, and then don't stop. For the duration of the performance there must be someone "performing" at all times. Audience members determine the constraints and improv games each queen must perform with during each number. Audience members have a chance to "tag in" and lipsynch their favorite songs! It's weird, it's messy, it's an experiment and I KNOW YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT! 

Bring a friend, IT'S FREE! All your tips go to support the guest queens performances!