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Unpresidented Acts

Come and go as you please during this 5 hour marathon!

Along with other artists, citizens, and spaces around the country, PWNW joins the Bad and Nasty movement with a marathon evening of performance featuring acts of protest, resistance, resilience and community building by 25 artists. 

Artist slate includes Pepper Pepper, Anthony Hudson/Carla Rossi, Button Will, claire barrera, Kiel Moton, Linda Austin, Tamara Lynne, Tere Mathern, jin camou, Meg McHutchison, Nadia Buyse/DUBAIS, Felicity Fenton, Leanne Grabel, Cyndy Chan, Daniel Glendenning, Weird Allan Kaprow, Mike Treffehn, Danielle Ross, Emily Kendall Frey, Honey LeFleur/Erin Nilles, Roland Dahwen Wu, and more!

All funds raised go to support local nonprofits Q Center, Don’t Shoot Portland and El Programa Hispano.