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Critical Mascara

Critical Mascara 2012-2017

Critical Mascara: A Post-Realness Drag Extravaganza is a competition celebrating community and creativity. Inspired by the legacy of vogue balls, drag culture, and irreverent activism, Critical Mascara is an expression of the new wave of queer liberation aesthetics. Hosted mainly by Pepper Pepper with an evolving team of collaborators including Wyatt Whaishkey, Mark Searcy, Chanticleer Tru, The Houses of Ada and Flora and Kumari Suraj. Critical Mascara is primarily a showcase of regional talent, a competition engaging local artists, and one hell of a party. Over the 5 years of its life Mascara hosted multiple reading groups, vogue class and history, drag workshops and community events. Over the course of 5 years the stage has seen over 500 performers, 1,000's of audience members and redefined queer competition in the Pacific Northwest.  Critical Mascara is glamour in action.